Home Inspection Checklist; What is Your Home Inspector Looking For?

Home Inspection ChecklistWhen it comes to providing a thorough home inspection that you can trust, any home inspector will of course tell you that each property is unique. While that is 100% true, there are certain things you should be able to expect from your home inspection. At Beacon Home Inspection Service, we encourage homeowners to ask questions as little or as much as they prefer, however, many homeowners don’t know what to ask about. Read on for a Home Inspection Checklist you can use as a reference when working with your home inspector.

Home Inspection Checklist


  • Cracks, peeling, loose pieces or damage to the siding and trim
  • Stains, old paint or peeling paint
  • Clearance between the ground and siding materials on the walls
  • Exterior walls of the home are free from climbing vines/vegetation
  • Trees/vegetation are planted far enough away from the home


  • What kind of shingles are used
  • Condition of shingles
  • Proper use of flashing
  • Condition of roofing cement, tar, or caulk
  • Chimney condition


  • Insulation is present and installed correctly
  • Proper ventilation through vents
  • Plumbing, exhaust or appliance vents do not vent into attic
  • Electrical splices are all closed
  • No evidence of damage or decay to structure
  • Staining or water spots on ceiling
  • Presence of intact or cut trusses
  • General presence of moisture
  • Animal nesting


  • Proper grading away from base of home
  • Downspouts and gutters in good condition and directed away from the home
  • Driveways and sidewalks aren’t cracked/shifting
  • No standing water near home or in yard


  • Walls and ceilings are painted & in good condition
  • Cracks on walls or ceilings
  • Windows latch, are intact, & sealed with caulk/weather stripping
  • Doors leading to exterior are sealed & open/close easily
  • Rooms are insulated & properly ventilated
  • Walls and ceilings are free from moisture spots
  • Flooring are level to the ground & free of moisture or soft spots


  • Foundation is in good condition
  • Door frames are straight allowing doors to swing in and out of the frame with ease
  • Window frames are straight on all four sides & without gaps
  • Ridge and fascia board lines are level & straight
  • Baseboards around all interior walls are flush with the flooring & not lifting or separated
  • Flooring is flat and not bowed or lifting
  • Exterior walls are straight and free of bowing or sagging


  • DIY electrical repairs
  • Main and sub panels are wired properly
  • Electrical conductors are appropriately sized for the overcurrent protection device
  • Light switches work & all bulbs light up
  • Electrical circuits are evenly distributed and not overloading a single circuit
  • All cables are attached to service panel with cable connectors
  • Visible wiring is in good condition, secured, protected, & without exposed splices
  • 15 and 20 amp branch circuits are free from aluminum cables
  • All accessible wall outlets are working
  • GFCI outlets are installed where required (bathrooms, garages, crawl spaces, unfinished basements, laundry rooms, exterior & anywhere a water source is present)


  • Visible pipes intact, free from damage
  • Pipes are free from signs of leaking or staining on surrounding materials
  • Toilets are dry around the base, secure & free of warped or water-stained flooring
  • Water heater working properly, free of rust, vented properly
  • Water heater type and size
  • Water pump produces steady flow and doesn’t short cycle
  • All faucets are in working condition, sealed, & without leaks
  • Hot water temp is between 118°F to 125°F
  • Water runs clear through all faucets
  • All drains are clear and drain at reasonable pace
  • Yard is free from soft spots, without pooling or soggy areas

HVAC (Heating/Cooling System)

  • Type of system
  • HVAC is in working condition
  • Flues slope properly, no open seams or damage
  • Air filters are clean
  • Ductwork isn’t damaged
  • Separate flues for gas/oil/propane and coal/wood
  • Absence of odor from gas
  • A/C unit is working and free from rust and damage
  • Vents are clear and properly ventilated

Every home is different so this list may vary depending on the type of home and what systems and components are present. If you or anyone you know is in need of a Huntersville home inspector you can trust, look no further. Hyrum Hoecherl with Beacon Home Inspection Service provides comprehensive, thorough home inspections in Huntersville, NC with detailed reporting available the next day! Click here to schedule your home inspection today!