Huntersville Radon Testing

Huntersville Radon TestingRadon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. As granite and other stones decompose, they release radon that seeps up through the ground. If it comes up and gets trapped in your home, it can cause harmful exposure to you and your family. Although radon is naturally occurring and everyone will be exposed to some levels, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a threshold of 4 or more picocuries per liter of radon in the air as harmful. The EPA recommends a professional radon test for all real estate transactions and maintains a radon map so you can see areas that are known for higher levels of radon. 

 It’s important to have a licensed professional perform your Huntersville radon testing. Many homeowners mistakenly believe they can perform the tests themselves, but there are many other factors to consider. For example, testing on a granite countertop may report higher levels of radon. Our state-of-the-art testing equipment analyzes the temperature and barometric pressure and pulls radon levels every hour for 48 hours continuously. It even includes a motion detector so we can tell if the box was moved. Our testing equipment allows us to see correlations between radon levels and barometric pressure changes due to storms preventing you from unnecessary mitigation. 

 If we do find that your home has radon levels above the EPA threshold, they can almost always be brought to acceptable levels with mitigation systems installed by a licensed radon mitigation company. Radon levels can increase or decrease over time. Even if you have had testing done on your home before, we recommend having it inspected every 4-5 years. 

We Proudly Provide Fixed Pricing for Our Radon Testing Services:

  • $150 for Add-On
  • $175 for Stand-Alone 

If we perform a stand-alone radon test in your home, we will email your results directly to you. When ordered in conjunction with a home inspection, the results will be uploaded to your home inspection dashboard. If you are concerned or unsure about the radon levels in your home, contact us today to schedule your radon testing service.