Water Quality Testing Huntersville

Water Quality Testing HuntersvilleOur water quality testing in Huntersville is most often reserved for well-water systems. Well-water may contain harmful contaminants including e. Coli, Coliform, Nitrates, and Nitrates, especially if the well has gone unused for any amount of time. If your new home is on well-water and was vacant for any period of time, it is imperative that you inspect the well-water before you drink it.

Similarly, if your home was built on or near any agricultural areas that are or ever have been used for farming, we recommend you have your water tested a minimum of every four to five years. Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers from farms can seep into your drinking water causing a whole host of issues.

If you are on city water and do not live anywhere near an agricultural area, it is still important to have your water tested for harmful contaminants including lead. For all types of water quality testing, we deliver our results within 48 hours. If we performed the test as an add-on to your home inspection, we will report your results via your home inspection reporting dashboard. If we performed the test on its own, we will email you the detailed report instead.

We are proud to offer Fixed Pricing for our water quality tests:

  • $125 If It’s Added On to a General Home Inspection 
  • $175 If It’s Stand-Alone

If you are interested in our water quality testing services, contact us today to request a quote or schedule any test with your next home inspection!